Test Session Help

Registering for US Figure Skating Tests - Help for New Members

Link to Glissad Skating Club Membership Portal

Join the Club

  1. After clicking on link listed above, click on the blue "Apply for membership" button on the left side of screen.
  2. After following the instructions, create the account in your own name first, if you are applying for your minor child.
  3. From your new account, you can add your child by clicking the blue "Add new family member" button. Also note that you will leave the USFS # field blank, unless you happen to have a LTS USA # and you can remember it. Otherwise, we will supply your USFS # at a later time.
  4. After adding any additional children to your account, click the gray "Apply/Renew" tab. For yourself, you will apply for a no fee, Non-skating parent or guardian membership, unless you also plan to test. For your child, you will select an Introductory membership. This will give you a onetime use discounted membership with US Figure Skating. If you are registering any additional family members for skating tests, select Additional Family membership to save on fees.
  5. Click the Apply button for each member to complete the application process.
  6. Click on the Shopping cart on upper right to complete membership purchases. You should receive a confirmation email. Note that memberships need to be paid before the system will allow test registrations.

Register Tests

  1. From your account, click the gray "Test Sessions" tab. Then click the blue "Click here to register" button.
  2. Complete the steps listed on screen and complete payment. You should receive a confirmation email.
    Additional hints:
    • In Step 1, leave Dance and Pairs Partner blank.
    • If this is your first time, you will most likely be registering a Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills test. In Step 2, go down to the first row labeled "Skating Skills/MITF" and click the "Standard" radio button. Now click on the "Expand" button to the left of "Skating Skills/MITF". A list of offered tests will appear. Click on Pre-Preliminary to select it. Any additional tests may be selected in this manner.
    • Registering the beginning adult skating skills test will be the similar, except the test is "Adult Pre-Bronze" and is found in the second row labeled "Adult Skating Skills/MITF". You will also need to select the appropriate radio button for adults aged 21+ or 50+.
  3. A schedule for the test session will be published after registrations close, which is approximately one week before the test session.