Welcome to the 2024 - 2025 Season!

Classes begin Saturday, November 2.

Registration Form
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ISI Memberships
ISI membership is mandatory for all skaters to participate in this program. Memberships for the 2024 - 2025 season may be purchased or renewed at ISI Memberships beginning July 1. Current, unexpired, US Figure Skating or Learn to Skate USA memberships may be used in lieu of ISI. In all cases, please provide us your member number.
Hint: The answer to ISI Rink on the ISI web form is "Mercer County Parks - Mercer Skating School"

Thursday Evening Schedule Change
Power Hockey Skating begins at 7:30 pm.

Figure Skater Art

Ice Skating Exhibition

Please join us for our annual Ice Skating Show on Saturday, March 8.

Skating Competition

Our annual ISI skating competition is cancelled for this season.

Welcome to Mercer Skating School!

Welcome to our 2024 & 25 season of ice skating lessons at Mercer County Skating Center. The center is conveniently located in Mercer County Park, West Windsor, NJ.

This website is entirely dedicated to our skating lessons program. If you are looking for information on our other services, such as public skating, birthday parties, or private events, visit the Mercer County Skating Center Website for further details and contacts.

Ice skating is a great family activity! It is ideal for exercise and developing a very fine sense of balance and coordination. Do you just want to learn how to stop on skates or how to skate backwards? Perhaps you really want to jump or spin on skates. Maybe you have ice hockey in mind. Even hockey players start by learning how to skate first. Just maybe you are an adult that believes that kids shouldn't have all the fun. We'd love you to join one of our fun, no tests, adult classes. We offer a wide range of class and private instruction to serve all your skating aspirations.

We offer three, 5 week sessions during the skating season. They begin in November and end in March. Most classes use the 5th week class for evaluation purposes. Students passing the evaluation will be moved to the next class level.

Have a great season of skating at Mercer County Park!

Tips for New Skaters

Please show up to your first lesson at least one half hour before your scheduled lesson time. You will need time to purchase skate rentals, select your proper skate size, and pick up your ID badge. While selecting your skates, we recommend figure skates rather than hockey skates for first time skaters. The longer blade length of figure skates will provide more stability for the beginner skater. Also note that rental skates are available only in whole sizes.

Skate boots should be snug, but not uncomfortably tight. The upper part of the boot should be laced for a snug, but not tight fit, and securely tied. Please ensure that the laces do not touch the ground after they are tied. The boot should not flop from side to side when worn. If a properly tied boot does not provide good support to the ankles, a smaller boot may be required.

If you would like to purchase skates, please see our staff for recommendations. We do not recommend size adjustable skates. We also do not recommend inexpensive, leather like skates, since they generally lack adequate ankle support. Double bladed skates will not be permitted on the ice. Remember that newly purchased skates require sharpening. Sharpening services are available at the skating center.

Do not forget helmets and gloves. The rink is sheltered, but is subject to outdoor temperatures. Please wear appropriate clothing for the temperature. Gloves are always recommended, lighter weight gloves for warmer weather are appropriate.

It may be a bit scary at first, but most importantly, Have Fun!

Registration Notes:

Do not include skate rental fees with your registration. Skate rentals and rental cards may be purchased from the outside ticket office at the rink. Be sure to arrive early on your first day of class.

Two classes same session discount applies to any skater attending any two classes in the same session. Can be used for the same class on two different days. This discount is not a family discount for multiple skaters attending single classes.

2024 - 2025 Skating Lesson Registration and Info Form
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Our 2024 - 2025 Skating Lessons Registration and Info Form. All the details on our Learn to Skate Program and registration form, all in one handy document.

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